Wigify Pro

Once your up and running with Wigify Go then you can upgrade to our pro package. 

Wigify Pro builds upon Wigify Go’s foundations by offering more advanced commission offerings (including but not limited to specific product SKU’s and individual affiliates themselves), voucher code commissions and manage tenancy or bonus payments.

Key Features

  • No Click Costs
  • Unlimited Sales
  • Multiple commission rates for your affiliate programme
  • Product Commissions
  • Private Commission Deals
  • Coupon Code Commissions
  • Bonus & Tenancy
  • Exclude Transactions (no fee)
  • Unlimited Affiliates
  • Unlimited Creative
  • Affiliate Sign-Up Link
  • Approve & Decline Affiliates
  • 30 day tracking cookies (Cookies, Flash Cookies, HTML5, Browser Cache)
  • Approve & Decline Transactions
  • Online Reporting Via ImpactTag
  • Training & Support

The Wigify Dashboard