Wigify Subscriptions and Special Offers

We’ve been running Wigify for several years now and we’re excited to open up our product as a software as a service. We’ve packaged up Wigify to make it quick and easy for retailers on platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce, and Square Space to launch an affiliate programme within minutes.

Wigify Go is our entry package which will give access to our enterprise tracking solution. Our tracking solution (called ImpactTag) is highly robust – we use this tracking for large brands and government agencies to track vast amounts of data. We have clients who push through more than 40 million visitors a month and clients who have driven over £1bn in sales over 12 months. Wigify has been working with Shopify store owners for 10 years and for the last 5 years has been sat on ImpactTag.

Wigify Go lets you setup your commission rate and gives access to affiliates to your programme (they’ll have their own logins to check the results of their activity). Remember that with an affiliate programme you just pay a commission to an affiliate when someone purchases from you. You’ll also pay us a small monthly fee to use our tracking solution. No click costs, unlimited sales and we’ll help support your affiliates.

Wigify Subscriptions means that you can sign up now with your credit card and pay by the month – your locked into long term contract and we’re not locking you into any ecommerce app stores so your programme can move you to other platforms.

We normally charge £25 per month (exc VAT for UK companies). As we launch our subscription product we have some great offers to kick things off.

Until the end of September we’ll be upgrading all Wigify Go accounts to be Wigify Pro accounts. No additional monthly fees and no overrides.

We also have our annual package where you’ll only pay for 10 months instead of 12.



A Little More About Us

We are a company called Understand Digital based just outside of London. No only own do we own our own tracking solution but act as digital consultants for numerous businesses. We’ve worked with companies like Sainsburys, On The Beach, and Pernod Ricard in the UK. We have also recently worked with the Mayor Of London on one of their knife crime initiatives and the regeneration at Meridian Water. Our work extends outside of the UK with clients across the globe both tracking based and consultancy based. We also sit behind several large agencies.

Understand Digital has been trading since 2005 and some of our staff have been working in digital since 2002. We keep our own in house team of developers and consultants.

Affiliate marketing is one of our core competencies – our staff have won awards and this year we’ve already received a highly commended award for our work on the global Sage affiliate programme from the PMI Live team.

Partner With Us

Of course we have an affiliate programme – come and refer people to us. Details here


Wigify Go - Launch Offer

We normally charge £25 per month. (all fees exclude VAT) but we have some exciting offers on now.
Not based in the UK? Don't worry our platform fully supports all currencies.

Why Wigify?


  • Experienced Team with over 15 years affiliate marketing experience
  • Enterprise level tracking powered by ImpactTag
    • Run your programme on the same platform as global brands and high street names
  • Wigify Go - specially designed for SME retailers
  • Quick & Easy Set-up
  • Migration Path - Wigify will scale with your business offering additional features as you require them.