Why Every Shopify Store Should Have An Affiliate Programme?

When most Shopify Store owners start up they spend almost all their marketing budgets on either Google Adwords or Facebook/Instagram ads. As the stores grow and marketing budgets grow the affiliate marketing tactic is often missed from the plan.

Affiliate marketing is a simple concept in that your paying a commission when someone introduces a customer to you. So for example a website owner adds a link to your shop on their website and when a visitors clicks from their website and makes a purchase the store owner pays the website owner a percentage of the sale.

Here’s an example of PC Mag one of the worlds leading content providers promoting several accountancy software companies. Our client Sage has top slot on the comparison table and PC Mag will be paid when a customer clicks the link and makes a purchase.

It’s A No Brainer 1

As you can see the major spend on affiliate marketing is a commission when a sale is made. If we put it another way, your not spending money until you have a sale, and you wait to confirm the affiliates commission until after the customers return period. It’s a risk free channel.

It’s worth noting you will need an affiliate tracking solution and they will have some on going costs but these will often start at a few pounds per month. 

It’s A No Brainer 2

Running a retail store is quite time consuming and the budgets aren’t always there to have a marketing manager. Your affiliates can become your marketing department for you. There are affiliates who hold some of the best positions in Google, have big social media groups, manage big email databases or have large Instagram follower bases. The affiliate earning potential is uncapped as you will keep paying them as they keep sending you orders. No worrying about marketing budgets.

The Big Boys

Affiliate programmes are a main stream activity and you’ll see almost all major retails having a programme. Amazon have a huge affiliate programme – called Amazon Associates. You’ll find the link to most affiliate programmes at the bottom of retailer website or easily found by search for brand + affiliate programme – go and have a look.

We’ve run affiliate programmes for many big brands around the world and for retailers with a well balanced marketing plan affiliates sales will usually be in the 10-15% range of all sales. If your a newer or smaller business then we’ve seen affiliates drive the vast majority of sales.

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