Why Do I Need A Good Affiliate Network?

A good affiliate marketing relationship is based on trust and your affiliates need to trust you and your tracking. 

Good Tracking

Running the affiliate programme on the best tracking platform is vital to the affiliate/merchant relationship. You cannot afford for any affiliate sales to go unaccounted for as this will damage or limit your programme. 

  • Big Affiliates will be looking closely at the financial returns and if your tracking isn’t performing then they will be asking for more money. Imagine if an affiliate sends 10 orders each month, but 1 doesn’t track thats 10% of the affiliates income missing – we see plenty of networks missing 10, 20 or even 30% of sales. Affiliates will soon start asking for more money to plug the gap in income.
  • Smaller Affiliates. Many affiliates will only send 1 or 2 sales a month. If their one sale doesn’t track they may well give up on the relationship and one day that small affiliate may turn into one of your big affiliates. Even if they don’t lots of small affiliates add up to large volumes of sales.

Tracking is difficult to set-up and maintain.

Wigify is sat on our ImpactTag platform which is our enterprise tracking system. ImpactTag tracks billions of pounds of sales for some businesses each year and the accuracy of the system is vital for big businesses where a small percentage point error can be the difference on the profitability of campaigns. 

In 2018 Apple launched their ITP ad tracking which blocks 3rd party cookies and 1st party ad cookies on their safari browser.  Tracking systems have fundamentally used cookies and this update has left a large number of affiliate tracking systems no longer tracking any safari transactions including some of the big networks. Wigify tracks on Safari devices with no issues.

Also in 2018 Google launched their parallel tracking system which changed the way tracking links would deploy from any Google Adwords. Manage affiliate systems don’t support this change. Wigify does.

Tracking will continue to evolve. ImpactTag has a full time development team.

Programme Support

Established brands have resources to run affiliate programmes with bigger brands having multiple affiliate managers. Affiliates is a big business and almost every big business has an affiliate programme.

Networks are here to support you as you grow:

  • Recruitment
  • Technical Support
  • Payments
  • Account Management
  • Bespoke reporting
  • Custom commissions structures

Wigify Go has been built to start your affiliate marketing journey but has a smooth upgrade path as you require more features and more support. We have one of the best support teams here and in 2018 were highly commended at the Performance In awards.


Last updated 27th December 2018 

Wigify Go - Launch Offer

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Why Wigify?


  • Experienced Team with over 15 years affiliate marketing experience
  • Enterprise level tracking powered by ImpactTag
    • Run your programme on the same platform as global brands and high street names
  • Wigify Go - specially designed for SME retailers
  • Quick & Easy Set-up
  • Migration Path - Wigify will scale with your business offering additional features as you require them.