Which Affiliates To Recruit?

Setting up an affiliate programme is only the start of the journey to a successful programme. You need to recruit the right affiliates – but who are they?


Google has over 90% marketshare of the search market in main stream countries. This means that most people start looking for products and services on Google, which means you need to have your website, products and services appearing quickly to people searching here. There are two types of sites on a Google search result page:

  • Google Adwords
  • Google Organic

Normally the first 4 listings on Google have a little [AD] text next to them which means they are powered by Google Adwords (the website owner is paying for the slot by the click). You may see some shopping listings, maps and local listings but after this you will see more listings which are the organic listings.

There are loads of affiliates who will promote their websites on adwords and there are lots of affiliates who rank well in the organic listings.

Start running searches on relevant keywords and you’ll soon start building a list of potential affiliates. Almost any of the sites appearing could be your affiliates, it’ll be your direct competitors who  wont want to promote you! Don’t discount other retailers as they make some of the best affiliates.

Here’s a screenshot of Google – accounting software. Xero, Quickbook and Sage are major players in the market but then are followed by techradar – an affiliate.

Some of the best affiliates are product review websites or price comparison sites.

There are lots of affiliate who will join an affiliate programme and then make their websites around your products and services.


Facebook has over 2.27 billion monthly active users – your potential customers are using social networks

  • Social Influencers

Instagramers, Facebook group owners, Twitter users or anyone with a following of people could be a great fit depending on the demographics of their base. At Wigify we look for website owners or website marketing people to promote our service too – there are so many groups/influencers with our target audience in them. Reach out to the group owners.

You simply go looking via the search functionality on these networks – start plugging in the relevant keywords into the searches. Also start looking at who people follow, you’ll soon start to find who can influence sales.

Please note on instagram that you cannot add tracking links to posts unless you have 10,000 followers. You will need Wigify Pro to provide voucher codes for these people which we will track with.

Media Owners

A number of affiliates have media they can market directly to. One of the biggest verticals is email marketing. There are two pots of affiliates.

  1. The email lists for the first group will come via trading businesses – i.e an ecommerce store and their customer lists.
  2. The professional affiliates who just build lists of people based on demographics. You will need to engage in affiliate groups (on social media) or attend affiliate events to get to know these affiliates. Alternatively you can use an agency who will already have relationships here.
  • Email Affiliates

There are many businesses who have built a database of consumers who can they have permission to send offers to and so can mail your offering either as a standalone email or as part of a newsletter. These affiliates can drive volumes of sales quickly. Just make sure the affiliate can demonstrate that they have permission to email those people.

There are affiliates who have databases to send promotions via text/whatsapp or via old school cold calling.

Affiliates To Be Careful Off

There are a number of affiliates who you need to be careful of as the return on investment is really poor i.e. they’ll be targeting customers who are already about to buy from you.

  • Voucher Code Affiliates

Voucher Codes are a great marketing tool. However there are a number of affiliates who have built websites that appear on Google for the following search term ‘Your Brand + Voucher code’. Consumers are well trained to go looking for discount codes before they purchase, these affiliates will give away your margin by offering the codes and you’ll also be paying commission. These affiliates are unlikely to drive additional sales for your company.

Please watch out for any browser extension affiliate who will be offering codes while customers are shopping on your site.

  • Reward Affiliates – Cashback and Loyalty Affiliates

These affiliates will give the affiliate commission back to the member either as cash or some sort of reward. Again customers have got used to looking for these rewards and you’ll be paying for a commission on an customer who would have almost always purchased anyway.

Making reward and voucher code affiliates work is possible but it is an advanced technique and you need to be careful not to make things worse for your business.

  • Sub Networks

There are a number of ‘sub affiliate’ networks who claim to have a base of websites. Be careful as it’s difficult to know who these affiliates are and they will often be on the network blocked lists and hidden on these sub networks.

  • Cookie Dropping

A number of rogue affiliates have hijacked users machines or websites and are dropping cookies. Your affiliate network should help you spot these affiliates.

  • Basket Abandonment Affiliates

There are a number of affiliates who offer basket abandonment software. Doing this via an affiliate can be very expensive as they are experts at dropping cookies and not necessarily helping drive additional sales.

In Summary

There are lots of great affiliates out there who will help drive you customers. Value these affiliates and your business will grow.




Last updated 11th August 2019

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