Which Affiliates Should I Target?

A successful programme needs the right affiliates being part of your affiliate programme – but who are they?

  • Google Ranked Sites

Google is the comfortably the biggest search engine with 90%+ market share in many English speaking languages. In the natural rankings you’ll see many affiliates or potential affiliates. Have a look through some of the relevant keywords for your business and you’ll soon start to build a list of websites who could promote you. These could be content websites who write reviews about products and services or content sites that have closely targeted demographics to your target market.

  • Google PPC Sites

A number of potential affiliates will be buying traffic from Google to their website. They will often promote the top 5/10 retailers selling a particular product or service.

  • Social Influencers

Instagramers, Facebook group owners, Twitter users or anyone with a following of people could be a great fit depending on the demographics of their base.

  • Email Affiliates

Many affiliates have databases of consumers who can mail your offering either as a standalone offer or as part of a newsletter. These affiliates can drive volumes of sales quickly.

Affiliates To Be Careful Off

  • Voucher Code Affiliates

Voucher Code affiliates will often have a negative impact on your business as your customers will realise that they can get a discount on the order they are just about to purchase. Customers have got used to find the products they want and then searching Google for your brand + voucher code and using the codes they find. Your now giving away a discount and also paying a commission to the affiliate.

  • Reward Affiliates – Cashback and Loyalty Affiliates

These affiliates will give the affiliate commission back to the member either as cash or some sort of reward. Again customers have got used to looking for these rewards and you’ll be paying for a commission on an customer who would have purchased anyway.

In some circumstances you can make reward and voucher code affiliates drive incremental sales. For example using voucher codes that push customers to make a higher spend – so if you give a 10% discount but this comes with a minimum spend that is higher than the cost of the 10% discount.

We Can Help

We have set-up an app for Shopify retailers which can quickly and easily run an affiliate programme. At just $9.49 (we’re currently offering a 50% discount) per month you can be up and running in a few minutes with your affiliate programme.

Our Wigify Pro version brings in lots of advanced functionality including commissions based on voucher code usage. Wigify Pro is a simple upgrade and you only pay a fee when a sale uses the tools.