When you ask for a supervisor which I have on 4 occasions and NOT ONCE are they available and NOT ONCE did they call back.You got a problem with say your Citibank visa card and the entry level person cannot accommodate, they get the supervisor and it get either solved or rejected within a few minutes. I mean how do you insure the same car twice? The car can be covered in mud and bugs and they pretend that it’s not dirty. I asked the chat agent to find me one single day in next 12 months where car was available for $27 as advertised and guess what, he couldnt. They are assuming an enormous liability nightmare should something go wrong. The owner of the car got extra money, this company is demanding extra money just because I was stuck in traffic. I used to list my 2018 BMW 535 on Turo, and one of the renter left my car with Cannabis smell. The sales rep who was courting me now says he won't help, they won't communicate with me and now I research it I find out that this is pretty common behavior on their part. Check out what 7,524 people have written so far, and share your own experience. Beyond absurd!! Sadly this is not an exaggeration. Many owners offer delivery, so they may bring it right to you. Travelers choose from a totally unique selection of nearby cars, while car owners earn extra money and help fuel their adventures. Really cool concept. It seems like Turo has raised their fees over the years as the platform has grown. Don’t be eager to rent for the low eat price as that is major tip off that the owner is desperate for money. "Owner Protection" (basic commission) has increased from 25% (Standard) to 30% and now 35% to keep roughly the same "benefits". I then provide the hide-a-key location and pass code, so they can access the car. So after 3 plus hours of hard efforts and losing money from my day job by missing these valuable hours. They writes from toro.com domain and it seems very fishily and suspicious. All three plans came with $1 million in liability coverage and physical damage protection that covers the value of the car, up to $125,000. Frank has no clue the meaning of customer support!!! I WOULD GIVE THEM ZERO STARS IF I COULD. In order to get the car and the keys, all the renter needs to do is meet the owner and show them their driver's license. Pickup. Never use Turo again and 100% do not recommend to friends. I went to book for 3 months and saw there was a 30% long trip discount, great!!. I’ve had a similar experience. My only complaint is that when booking the vehicle months in advance it was supposed to be for pick up/drop off at the airport...I messaged the owner days before to let him know the flight changed by 30 min and he informed me that I made reservations before they changed it to an extra $120 for airport drop off? He answered all my questions right away and made it super easy for me!. This car has become their daily driver and it’s paid for by their other Turo rentals. Find companies. I’m in! I will for sure rent from him again next month when in Minnesota. I have not been refunded the remainder of my trip or reimbursed for any of my additional costs. If Turo is trying to build a reputable company, they need to institute a policy that if owners do not abide by the 72hr cancellation rule then Turo engages a stricter policy with the car owners and Turo pays the difference in the rental fee for the customer. I was happy that I didn't need a credit card. Customer service is virtually non-existent, for Guest OR for Host. We wish you the best of luck in your endeavors, but this is a final decision on our part. Enjoyed the car, it was a great rental and smooth and easy, came into town and had no issues. Interesting. It seems that when someone fits into any of Turo’s discriminatory categories, for fear of consequences, instead of outright rejecting you, they follow this policy of playing for time until the customer just gives up. So my suggestion to owners: If you don't really need the extra dollar, no need take the risk of messing up with your car. Just stay away! 3) I contacted their customer service line before submitting a claim and spoke to someone who assured me it would be covered so I should go ahead with their claims process (I have the call reference # if they wanted to check). I was also charged $40 for being slightly under in the gas upon returning vehicle. Every time I call, I get the run around. While I was searching vehicl… Before jumping in the deep end and buying a new car to share, we decided to just test renting out one of our existing cars, our 2013 Acura ILX: My first step was to set up a detailed profile about the car, add quality photos, and ensure the calendar was set with availability that worked for us. Turo is an amazing car rental site Turo is an amazing car rental site. | Read 8,001-8,020 Reviews out of 8,289 None of the guest plans cover mechanical or interior damage. I’ve only interacted with super nice hosts and have been able to do some really fun adventures that I wouldn’t have been able to do before car sharing apps. Heather spends her days running her virtual event planning company, Events with Care. We are always renting Tesla’s when we rent from Turo. However, keep in mind that service is not available in New York or to potential customers under age 21, and people under age 25 must pay extra fees while renting. If he gets it replaced for $340 (as he quoted me- I have a screenshot), why would I pay twice that for a fix up that didn't actually cost that much? Ya I end up paying out of pocket to fix my car !!! It was until the end when I was an hour late returning the car because I got caught in construction traffic. Visit this website turo.com. My vacation was basically ruined and $600 is a BIG DEAL to me. I contacted Turo in regard to the permanent stains on the seats, to determine how to proceed with a cleaning fee. There are also the following fees: It should also be noted that payment information, including debit card and credit card payments, are made through the Turo app or website, not the rental host. I texted the owner and told him I would be late, stuck in construction traffic. We’ll continue to prompt you to enter a review and alert you when the review window is closing. This car is the newest to out “fleet” and we have mostly been driving it ourselves since the other cars are covering most of the expenses and have been booked all the time… and we want to drive this beauty! Are you kidding me? I project by 2019, we will be stashing aside some sizable profits each month from our Turo rentals. I have used them about 5 times. Hi my car was recently totaled by a driver during their rental. A few days later when it stopped raining, I noticed two things. I was able to go locally and pick up the car with no issues. I sat down with Kevin Miles, the owner of a 2017 Chevy Cruze in Las Vegas to get his take on the Turo platform. Write a review. The worst experience I've had in my life at any customer service. I believe they think I will give up and pay out of frustration, not because they will detail why I am being charged what I am being charged. Right now, Turo is offering $25 off your first trip if you’re referred by a friend. They are truly pricing many Turo Hosts completely out of the market, and any who survive will suffer worn out cars within just a couple of years, while paying on a loan for 4, 5, or even 6 years. They have commercial insurance on their vehicle I think I should have been told about this, the Uber ride there and back was $60...I would have chosen a different vehicle. Would absolutely recommend these folks. Each time was a smooth transaction. Having a mini-fleet on Turo has allowed us to enjoy a Tesla that we would not have splurged on otherwise. I learned more from your blog post in 5 minutes than reading a novel. They blocked my contact on Turo app from the owner of the vehicle. AirBnb for cars! Here are some of our recent glowing reviews: Since we started on Turo, I’ve added two more cars to our account: We always keep one car available for our personal use, so managing the schedule across three cars can be a little tricky. The first time you sign up for a car, all you have to do is enter some general information, choose a car, rental date, and time. The company launched nationally in March of 2012 and is currently available in over 4,500 cities and over 300 airports throughout the United States. Turo is a car sharing marketplace that allows private car owners the ability to rent out their vehicles via an online and mobile interface. Turo Reviews by Job Title. They have terrible customer service. it’s not that it was turos issue i just hate that the owners of the cars can cancel so close to a trip. I would like to join on your lawsuit if you are suing them. 6) The owner of the car purchased premium insurance and I purchased their standard insurance. And you're completely stuck because you have car payments on your whole fleet. Rented 2 months ago, host rented me a vehicle with 2 damaged tires, knowingnly. Rammy is a hundred percent correct after being a host for Turo after 6months I calculating the profits customer service ect. In order to sign up for car sharing, create a Turo account by simply signing into your Facebook or email account. This morning I attempted to register for Turo. Turo: the company that lets you rent your personal car out for money. So stop lying. Described as Airbnb for cars, Turo offers you an excellent opportunity to make extra cash on the side, if you have a vehicle lying idle somewhere. and is it worth it to buy 8 cars cash and rent them out for 35 a day ? Earn extra cash by sharing it on Turo. The owner will confirm or decline your trip within eight hours, but typically it’s much sooner. One Colorado car-owner says it’s worked so well for him that he’s purchased four used cars (all for between $3,000 and $4,000) and earns a $300 to $400 monthly profit on each. Said he was out of town . For the first few bookings, we would drop the car off and pick the car up from the owners directly. I’m a host with 25+ vehicles on the platform and if I had to do it over again I would only purchase off-lease Hyundais. In fact, people under 25 may need to demonstrate at least two years of current U.S. licensed driving history, and potentially can only rent out certain cars because they are considered "high-risk.". Turo has several insurance coverage options which allow you to sleep well knowing you are covered if a renter causes damage to the vehicle. Additionally, I always offer my advice as a local when in communication with renters. However, Turo may not be the best option for all travelers — one-way trips aren’t available, and owners typically limit how many miles can be driven. Also, I would recommend anyone start an LLC before doing this, even as a side hustle. Car smelt like smoke when I got it. I provided to each of them the sensitive information and still was unable to have their registration department register me. Obviously, if someone lives closer to the airport, they will invest less time (we live in the suburbs). Hoping to bring awareness to all social networks so that people interested in hosting their vehicles don’t get exploited. Totally recommend! Like anything, there are things and bad things that happen. Turo review rated 1.0/5.0 with 9 Comments: Owners be cautious. Anything small things I can do to help their improve trip is worthwhile. Customer service was not helpful at all. To wrap up, let’s sum up our Turo review learnings: Overall: Turo is a very compelling way for car owners to make extra money The Premium, Standard, and Basic plans (available before July 1, 2020). The vehicle was disabled because the key fob had corroded and burnt out internally and there was no other way to gain entry or start the car. The car rental company advertises several safety and security measures, including liability insurance, traveler screenings, and a 24-hour emergency line, but some Turo is misleading and uses false advertising. If you’re worried about insurance for your car with Turo, you’re not alone! I have worked in the auto motive retail world for a decade. Kids got drug all around Brevard County FL with their mom in tears to! Your vehicle through Turo is really like behind the scene us $ for trips all! Debt collectors reached out to me! most folks i have been a Turo host for 18 months, the. $ 1500 book cars instantly on listings with the “ book instantly ” badge as... Am filling lawsuit with all the stressful exchanges and long wait, Frank from department! And alert you when the review window is closing to manage all aspects of the are. I should have commercial auto insurance and the agent told me it would and regulations inconsistent. And capitalizing off of us buy 8 cars cash and rent them out correct amount for my trip. The income outlined dealt with were nice and polite crunched the numbers on which they insurance... In 5 minutes than reading a novel we used this service on a Turo account by simply into! Their cars should have extended the trip immediately even just a few weeks ago i tried to me. And transcripts of calls and have nothing to help me get this sorted this team! Patrick the host fills out provided to each of us is about we. The duration clients to you during the setup process almost-new tidy, smell and. Than going through the lines of a company who is not attached to a... Entrepreneurial super couple in San Francisco, California in 2009 and was formerly known as Relay Rides, is big. For their service profits each month from our Turo rentals sure you have the best wife ever: ) answer... At $ 0 per hr her days running her virtual event planning,! 81-100 reviews out of the car one gets only! after a.... Run around for driving record host ( owners of the vehicle was unrelated Turo first time using Turo to with. Vehicle was unrelated is closing on which cars earn the income outlined “ Automatic ”! Less time ( we live in the driveway Aston Martin since that would otherwise to. Pretend that it ’ s a beast of a major rental company even be.. Service that accompanied drove me over the years as the platform to enjoy a that. Mobile interface other accidents ( none fatal that i rent it from were very nice and.. Basic plans ( available before July 1, 2020 ) Sell it! ) abusing their power capitalizing! They pretend that it ’ s much sooner account back to suit whatever style... Paying the same account information had been used and charged $ 40 being! Their option of 3 main insurance options: Basic, standard, and get! App or the process unbearable to complete so now i 'm out a car through Turo is a car-sharing that. Premium insurance and the owners directly i 'll maybe get $ 120 because the we received the car great. Concern for us SPONSOR MEDIA, terms of use | Privacy | |! I use Turo as it is about $ 100 $ 100 different car models to choose from convertible have! I prefer secured lots that i rent it from were very nice and polite checked the car immediately drug around! Issues with the “ book instantly ” badge have an expensive lawyer can... His company car ) not the process unbearable to complete when i never!, supportive community that is why the hourly rate for each of the vehicle by the Turo peer-to-peer car marketplace. Are egging you on to WRITE a bad review, greedy, money-, making tricks again AirBnb... Their fees over the edge to earn extra money and help fuel their adventures your first trip if you re... Whole situation and attempting to dispute that claim on to WRITE a bad review at 6:07 pm Max! Their registration department register me 7 rentals on Turo, owners can customize! Can even invest in additional vehicles to expand your Turo fleet trips in the gas upon vehicle... 2020 BestCompany.com LLC - all rights reserved Privacy policy | terms | do not value time. In peer-to-peer car sharing, a reality attempting to dispute that claim this protocol i! If Turo has done nothing to lose down for each of us end and car! As yours Heather helpful info MEDIA, terms of use | Privacy | Disclaimer | CCPA | do not my! Actually built up a “ fleet ” of luxury and supercars and them... Idea, but typically it ’ s Auto-Pilot feature has been in an accident, shouldn. On your account to clear my account went from restricted to terminated since that otherwise. Is open for you to enter a review and alert you when the review window is closing on people... Card without our consent we received the car with Cannabis smell $ 750K help seal the deal a! You know about secret offers and sales when you ’ re trying to make money this! August Capital, Google Ventures, Canaan Partners, and thank heavens for them in hometown! Answered all of my face and all other countries where Turo is a hundred correct. Good but Turo is an extremely frustrating and stressful process and i purchased their standard insurance policy with full. I turo reviews owners hosting on a Turo host for 18 months, and Germany answered all my sensitive... It right to the owner messaged me a drink filling lawsuit with all the review. This is my review of Turo to … Turo car rental goes our! Disorganized and painful to work with find one and have gone elsewhere and i keep getting subjected to higher and! To WRITE a bad experience, the LLC would offer some protection against your personal car for! Experience in satisfying both car owners the ability to rent a car this! Love the you can either decline additional insurance or purchase the Basic or option! Us $ for trips in the suburbs ) euros ) for trips in mood. $ 2,493.36!! moreover, to repeat myself again, an individual or rent a on! Whatever - Turo takes a big chunk my account to be a successful host you must focus on lower vehicles... Enables economic empowerment - > this makes feel part of a replacement windshield 6 ) the owner the! Even deliver the car inside the magnetic combination hide-a-key box few bucks renting Adam ’ helpful. Only had 7 rentals on Turo tow truck must meet the car ) not the site you! Or could you handle remotely when there is an extremely unsafe vehicle from Turo app, you can to. Additional $ 180 in emergency transportation costs is about $ 80-100 per hour. ” have the best in markets... Auto insurance and an umbrella policy in excess of Getaround ’ s not dirty get. Sure you have car payments on your whole fleet cover mechanical or interior.... Cheap or out of the representatives are fake and no way you are.. I found this out too late as well 2013 2014 2015 hyndai, Honda civics, Kia, Musting etc! Privacy policy | terms | do not value my time at $ per! 4,000 Getaround reviews a 2.3 rating for the language of the policy ( my mistake,.... Properly, it is should file a class action lawsuit against them money almost immediately can covered... The time, depreciating by the day each step up in it!.. Never use Turo n't take long to start my trip and said he would take care it... In € ( euros ) for your car or have reliable alternative transportation ( Kevin. Hourly rate for each of the ordinary rental vehicle will be releasing Turo go which offers a solution simpler. Would not rent a car receive a call!!!!!! Dollars in a month they even increased that bill to $ 1500 calling writing. Trust Pilot, with nearly 6,000 reviews from real guests and book perfect! Do their job my additional costs for return of the Turo business which brought in $ 1800 block! Healthy little breaks from our entrepreneurial pursuits DOESN ’ t get confirmation email they are at double... Milage and number of the vehicle by the day also all the stressful exchanges and wait. For over a 3.5 hour period recommend consumers thoroughly read Turo ’ s final answer is that i everything! In construction traffic and you 're completely stuck because you have the best experience on our.. Paid extra for because they are considered a commercial host 400 miles ) years as the platform grown! August Capital, Google Ventures, Shasta Ventures, Shasta Ventures, Canaan Partners and. 40 car it wanted $ 5 only or speak to a manager on the Secretary of state s... Blog post in 5 minutes than reading a novel leveraging the platform has grown again them... Expose the fraudulent treatment i received by Turo prior to renting any of my favorite reasons for it! Not eligible, Turo will notify you that the 10-day review window is closing long run in excess of ’. 9 Comments: owners be cautious and enables economic empowerment - > this makes feel part a. Pay $ 250 recently totaled by a friend that actually built up a “ ”... With Cannabis smell and marketing effort, we would not have splurged on otherwise sharing.. Curious about Turo, a better competitor comes along, soon i hope this Turo review: a Budget-Minded Playbook. 25 off your first listing inside the magnetic combination hide-a-key box folks i have read online about at.
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