Highly Commended At The Performance In Awards 2018

We were very excited to have picked up one of the Highly Commended Awards at the recent Performance In Awards in London. Our work with the Sage Affiliate programme was recognised here.

ImpactTag is our underlying tracking platform that powers the Wigify App which is specially developed for Shopify retailers. Sage have been running their global affiliate programme on our ImpactTag platform since May 2017. Sage are an enterprise client with a heavily customised affiliate programme that allows affiliates from around the world to promote any of the Sage local market offerings.

The basis of the award was around the use of discounting and multiple commissions to affiliates. Sage run complex discounting models to attract new subscription customers and we have been able to work with discounting affiliates to do this without loosing the affiliates who introduce new customers and are not likely to be the last click in the path. Sage are one of the first affiliates who pay multiple affiliates on one transaction depending on the customers journey.

Sage use the attribution reporting within ImpactTag to understand their customer journeys.