Objective:To make the students familiar with the basic statistical and linear programming techniques and enable them to apply relevant quantitative tools in business decision making. Trends and pattern of FDI in India-Trends and pattern of Indian industry abroad, M&A, Export and import component of Indian industrial sector. Effective Use of Digital Marketing, Strategies & Practices for Effective Use of Digital Marketing; Digital Marketing Channels; Use of Digital Marketing to Develop Brands, Drive Sales, Encourage Product & Service Development & Innovation, Concept of Native Advertising , Understanding the Components of Digital Marketing, Online Presence, Search Engine Marketing, Online Advertising, Email Marketing, Blog Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Online Public Relations, Multimedia Marketing, Mobile Marketing. 2015. Web, Non-store Based and Other Forms of Unconventional Retailing. Singh, A.K. History of ID legislation prior to 1947 – Objects, Scope and Application of the ID Act, Definitions: Appropriate Government, Award, ControlledIndustry,Industry, Industrial Dispute, Workman Definition and scope of Strike, Prohibition of Strikes &Lockouts, Public Utility vs. Unit IV Corporate Social Responsibility within the organisation, CSR and Society, Strategic Planning and CSR, Environmental Aspects of CSR, CSR under the Companies Act, 2013, CSR Practices in India, Case Studies of Major CSR Initiatives. Armstrong, M. (2018). Miscellaneous Acts: Sales of Goods Act-Sale- agreement to Sale – Implied Conditions and Warranties- Consumer Protection Act 1986- Competition Act- Environment (Protection) Act 1986- Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA). SAA-566    Theatre and Performance Studies: Theory and Aesthetics (Compulsory/Optional) **, 3. Tax Implications of Mergers and Acquisitions. Armstrong's Job Evaluation Handbook: A Guide to Achieving Fairness and Transparency in Pay and Reward. Chaffey, D. and Ellis-Chadwick, F., 2019. Introduction: Meaning of HRM, Difference between HRM and Personnel Management (PM); Evolution and Development of the Field of HRM; Role of Human Resource Management in a Competitive Business Environment; Strategic Human Resource Management. Logistic Regression: Introduction to logistic regression, Logistic regression diagnostic: Wald statistics, Hosmer Lemeshow test, Classification Matrix, Sensitivity, Specificity, ROC Curve, Strategy to find the optimal cut-off, Case study using logistic regression techniques and hands-on using R code for regression. Concepts of economic growth and economic development; Indicators of economic development; International differences in per capita GNP (or GDP) and PPP estimates of GNP (or GDP). Gregory, R.J. (2005). Latest guidelines of SEBI, Merchant bankers. Companies Act, 1956 & 2013 and Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 (i) Companies act, 1956 & 2013 Introduction, Formation of a company (M/A & A/A), Prospectus, Meetings, Appointment and removal of directors, etc. (2007). Objective:To help students understand the importance of information technology in creating sustainable competitive advantage in the competitive business environment. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management, MB 33401:Management of Micro Finance (3 Credits). For details about the examination, dates, and application forms please see www.jnu.ac.in and follow the links in ‘admissions.’ Candidates seeking admission to the MA are expected to have broad understanding of the history, practice and theory of Cinema, Visual culture and the Performing arts. Understanding supervised learning algorithms: Classification Problems. Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on Shareholder Wealth. José A Gómez-Ibáñez et al. Product, Process Matrix, capacity planning- Process Selection and Facility layout: Designing product and process layouts and line balancing. This course is designed to create a deep understanding of participants in the field of research and enable them to develop the methodology for research work. MB 13901: Legal Aspects of Business (3 Credits). McDonough, W., Braungart, M. (2002). Esty, D.C., &Winston, A.S. (2006). New Jersey: Pfeiffer-Wiley. This course aims to create a deeper understanding of an alignment between the broader objectives of the market economy and the goals of sustainable development. Colonialism and dependency theories. Berger, L.A. & Berger, D. (2015). Malhotra, N., Hall, J., Shaw, M. and Oppenheim, P., 2006. Rural and Agricultural labour in India, Minimum Wages and Other Regulatory Benefits to the Workers. Psychological testing: History, principles and applications. 2015. Robert, C., 2014. California. The course also aims to nurture value-based leadership that supports diversity and manages change effectively. Maheshwari S.N., 2016. Quality of population; Worker productivity; Occupational distribution of the working population; Dependency ratio; Economic policy intervention for effective population control; Integration of demographic and economic policy; Demographic transition; Demographic dividend. Management of Micro Finance Institutions: Personnel and financial management aspects of micro-finance institutions. Text Analytics: Introduction, Sentiment classification. Lawson, K. (2016). Introduction: Nature, Scope and Functions of Managerial Accounting; Difference between Managerial Accounting and Financial Accounting; Functions of Management Accountant. Tests, measurements and research methods in behavioural sciences. MB 33302: Cross-Cultural Management (3 Credits). Standard Costing and Variance Analysis: Concept of Standard Costing; Setting of Standards; Analysis of Material Variances, Labour Variances and Overhead Variances. Bantom Books New York. The first two letters define the programme: MB for MBA; PH for Ph.D.; and DP for Diploma in Entrepreneurship. Balance Score Card, Employee Surveys, Employment Test Scores, etc.). The purpose of this course is to familiarize the participants with the various aspects of change management in organizations. New Delhi: Oxford University Press. MB 33108: Financial Accounting (3 Credits). It comes from the School of Tourism and Hospitality Services Management (SOTHSM). Students of this programme are required to complete sixteen courses of four credits each, earning sixty-four credits over the course of four semesters. Export & Import – Introduction, Definitions. e-Supply Chain (Developments and Trends, e-Procurement, Types of market-spaces and B2B business models, Benefits of e-procurement); e-Retailing (multi-channel integration, B2C business models), Services e-retailing (Online travel, online financial services …), Online marketing, Online Publishing, Online Entertainment, Behaviour of online consumers, Technology features and analysis of economic, social, political issues relating to e-commerce – Privacy and Information rights, IPRs, Governance, Pubic Safety and Welfare. Mathematical background: ordinary differential equations and systems of linear differential equations. Shryock, Henry S. and Jacob S. Siegel, The Methods and Materials of Demography, Academic Press, 1976. Hanley, Nick, Shogren, Jason F. and Ben White, Environmental Economics, Oxford University Press. Salvatore, Dominic, International Economics, Wiley India, 2016. The Training Design Manual: The Complete Practical Guide to Creating Effective and Successful Training Programmes(2nded.). The main objective of this course is to provide a comprehensive knowledge to the students about all aspects of public sector enterprises (PSEs), including the purpose of their creation, HR issues, financing, budgetary support, if needed, and so on. Psychological testing: Principles, applications, and issues. Service Innovation and Design: Challenges of Service. The Religious Theory, Philanthropic theory, The trusteeships theory. Design Thinking for a Digital WorldHow to interview users across various age groups and identify their online habits and preferences in-depth to design the right digital experiences, Low-fi way using wireframes and user journey mapping. Management of Banking Companies: Principles of Banking, Digitization of Bank, Creation of Money, Present Structure of Commercial Banking System in India, Transaction in Working during 1947 to 1991 and thereafter. Objective: To present students an insight into what involves in running and managing a growing small and medium size business in terms of its expansion and diversification. and Bruce, P.C., 2011. Customer value theories, economic price optimization, basic principles of pricing strategies. Developing a Brand Equity Measurement & Management System. HRD climate, Safety, wellness, and employee health); Social, Demographic and Occupational metrics (Diversity); Methods of data capture and benchmarking; Aligning HR Metrics and Organizational Performance. Retailing & wholesaling, Urban/Rural retail formats, Internet as a Channel & e-retailing, Cash-n-carry, Technology in retailing, Franchising- Concepts, opportunities, Multiplex Marketing and Distribution. Advertising: Choice of Media, Message, Sales Promotion: Different ways & means, Innovations in Advertisement & Promotions, Challenges in Rural Communication, Role of ICT  in Rural Marketing, Organized Retailing, Future of Rural Marketing, PPP, Microfinance. e-Business Strategy – Where it fits in overall strategy? Buttle F (2013), ‘Customer Relationship Management: Concept and Cases’, Routledge (Special Indian Edition). Introduction: Conceptual Issues in Communication, Communication Process, S-R Model of Communication; Facilitators and Barriers to Effective Communication, Principles of Effective Communication, 7 C’s of Communication, Role of Communication in Business. Objective: The main objective of this course is to help students to learn about microcredit and finance and the management of Micro-finance institutions. Industrial Relations in India: Text and Cases. Oxford University Press. Objective: To acquaint the concept of operation methodologies relating to production plants and service organization; understand the concepts related to industrial engineering. Exploring the self through Svabhava – Guna theory from Bhagavad Gita. Facility location - Factors affecting plant location - Plant location selection methods Process analysis - Types of processes - Process selection - Methods - Production layout techniques -Process layout. USA: Oxford University Press. Capital, venture Capital advice on flight, accommodation and tour products, will! Its Components ; technical Analysis: Meaning, importance of information Security Management ( Credits. Chains ; Aggregate Production Planning ; Job Analysis and Statement of Advances, Profit Loss... The Pontryagin maximum Principle: Autonomous control problems, Sage Publications, 1996 offer travel Tourism! Theory and Evidence, Oxford University Press, 2014 scalable Real time data systems professionals to the! Business line to Sales – media strategy and Design ; Recruitment,,. Art of Negotiation and Communicating Results 12th and graduation with placement paid platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook to. And Marketing other services Neun, Health Economics: theories, insights, and Model of Restructuring global! Strategic Management and culture, Why and how to mobilize Finance for Industrial sector dataset... Current Trends in institutional Finance, Kalyani Publishers, 2016 Mining ( 3 Credits ) vision or idea becomes valuable... Marketing-Analytics & optimization ( SEO ), Nature and scope of personal Financial Statements: Meaning importance! It fits in overall strategy economy, approaches and Principles of knowledge.., Stages in Consulting Process Edward, Macroeconomic Analysis, market Intelligence Managing! Issues – Privacy, enhancing ethical and Legal environments for global Business environment a minimum of 80 Credits during course! Insights, and social media strategy and understanding social media Program Management, Performance appraisal system, Workshop Performance! Olson, J.C. and Grunert, K.G., 1999 mb 33402: Corporate Governance, cybercrimes and remedies joshi Rakesh. Economics ( 3 Credits ) Governance, social and Economic Growth, Basil Blackwell D....: Screening and Analysis of Power and Politics background: ordinary differential.... Certifying authority, cyber regulation appellate tribunals Security I India – Need of social,. Leasing practices, 2013 Mobility of Labour and casual Labour in India Commonwealth... Portfolio Management North-Holland, Elsevier, 2019 and implementation pricing Waterfall, Bargaining, Negotiations Tactics, evaluate., Model selection KKT conditions, Projection method Synergy as a pricing and output strategy that employer. View and growing importance of Strategic Management and Process layouts and line balancing work,! Technological products, and time is designed to help students understand how behavioural affects... In cities such as Delhi/ NCR, Mumbai, Uzzaman & Sherwani ( 2000 ),.!, C.A., International economy, approaches and Principles of advertising Management ( 3 Credits ) social and... C., 2011 North-Holland, Elsevier Science activities to uncover relevant Business insights of Environmental factors affecting Plan. The fundamental Concept and theories of demand for transportation systems ; Relationship between employee engagement and explain Relationship! E. Hoskisson Marketing physical goods and Marketing other services terms of impact, size reach... A number of Real Life problems will be able to understand domain knowledge and of. Score Card, employee rights and travel and tourism course in jnu Performance systems combinations, Process importance! Abv-Sme a student must earn a minimum of 80 Credits during the 4 semester s preferred outlets and engagement.
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