Frequently Asked Questions

How To Pay For Wigify

Wigify is paid for by a recurring credit card payment

Paying Affiliates

Affiliates will need to be paid their commissions each month. We’ll connect you with the affiliates to enable you to make these payments – we recommend either Paypal or bank transfers

Help With Integration
Our team would be happy to install your tracking codes if you need.
Cookie Life
Cookies will last for 30 day as standard. You can change the cookie length in the premium versions of Wigify.
How Long Till Affiliates Join My Programme
We recommend that you add a link to the footer of your website linking to your affiliate sign-up page as over time affiliates will look to promote you. The most successful affiliate programmes are proactive and recruit affiliates themselves.
Affiliate Support
The team at ImpactTag Partners will provide basic affiliate support. This will include helping affiliates with links, creative and reporting.
Closing Account

You can close your affiliate programme at any time – please contact and we’ll help you close the programme You will need to ensure you make your final affiliate payments for any transactions made on your cookies or already tracked in your account.