Start Your Affiliate Marketing Journey in 2019

Hopefully you’ve all had a very successful Christmas trading period and are starting to put your plans into play for 2019. Many of you will be going into the New Year reliant on Google Adwords or Facebook ads – both great marketing channels however you’re missing the one channel with almost zero risk – Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing has a long history but it’s generally believed to have been started by Amazon who wanted to reward people for customers that were referred to them.

Today Affiliate Marketing is going strong and almost every big retailer is running an affiliate programme and for many of these businesses it will account for 10-15% of all their sales. The concept is still simple, someone (an affiliate) is paid when they refer a customer to a business (the merchant). The affiliate will have a tracking link or custom coupon code which can be placed on various websites, media or email which will then track a visitor until they make a purchase.

To manage the relationship you need an affiliate tracking system. This is where we can help.

Who Are We?
We are a company called Understand Digital, based west of London in Marlow, and launched in 2005.

We launched a tracking system which is designed to track the results of advertising campaigns of larger advertisers. It’ll look at the customer buying paths and show clients how customers interact with their advertising. Customers are complex people. Our tracker is called ImpactTag and we track towards 200 million visitors each month. We have also developed a team of highly experienced consultants who help businesses of all sizes develop their digital strategy.

Many of our staff have affiliate marketing experience and several years ago we purchased a Shopify app called Wigify. Working with around 1,200 shopify stores and a number of digital agencies we have built a new a new solution from the ground up for retailers looking to start their affiliate marketing campaign – Wigify Go.

Wigify Go
Wigify Go is completely powered by the ImpactTag tracker – this means that the tracking is highly robust and highly scalable. We’ve had clients who have sent over 40 million visitors through the system in a month or who have sent over £1bn in sales during a year – we wont sweat.

Wigify Go has been built to be quick and easy for SME retailers to launch an affiliate programe – no set-up fees and 2 quick steps to get your programme up and running.

Simply add our tracking code to your website, we’ve pre-built your tracking codes so you can copy and paste the codes directly to your store admin. We’ve done this for Shopify, Woocommerce, Square Space, Big Commerce and those using GTM. Don’t worry our tracking will work on almost any store. If you are not sure what to do our team will help or do it for you. Just contact our support desk.

Step 2 requires you to set a commission rate for your sales. Pick one commission rate that you’ll pay out on all sales referred by your affiliates.

Your affiliate programme is now ready. You now need some affiliates, we have a recruitment link where your affiliates can quickly sign-up and grab their tracking links. Simply contact the affiliates who you’d like to promote your business – we’ll provide you help on how to recruit relevant affiliates.

You’ll pay your affiliates who have delivered valid sales to you.

As your programme grows and you become more comfortable with affiliate marketing then Wigify will grow with you. Our professional package costs an additional £20 per month and then a surcharge of £0.50 on each transaction that uses the pro features. The professional package comes with all the mainstream features you’ll need such as commissions by products, bespoke commissions for individual affiliates and much more.

Need help with payments? our team can manage your payment runs for you.

We have a dedicated team here who will support your affiliate programme. Should you need proactive services we can help or advise. We also have network of specialist performance marketing agencies based around the globe.

ImpactTag Partners
Your affiliates will manage their activity with you from within our enterprise affiliate tools – ImpactTag Partners. We work with some of the biggest affiliates in the world so making it easy for these affiliates to promote you. We can open your programme up to these affiliates and be part of our traditional network for a £1 per transaction fee.

We’re used to working with enterprise clients and we can easily build any bespoke features you need. We’re yet to be beaten by anyone and we’ve had some strange requests!

Affiliate Programme
Yes we have an affiliate programme – if your an agency, tech provider, media owner or social influencer please come and join our partner programme – click here for details. We will pay you lifetime commissions for your referrals.

Last updated 31st December 2018

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Why Wigify?


  • Experienced Team with over 15 years affiliate marketing experience
  • Enterprise level tracking powered by ImpactTag
    • Run your programme on the same platform as global brands and high street names
  • Wigify Go - specially designed for SME retailers
  • Quick & Easy Set-up
  • Migration Path - Wigify will scale with your business offering additional features as you require them.

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Normally £25 per month – come and find our latest offers.
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