About Wigify

What is Wigify?

Wigify is an affiliate marketing solution for Shopify store owners. Wigify was set-up in Canada in 2009 and built a solid reputation. Since 2013 Wigify has been owned by Understand Digital a UK based digital marketing specialist and owner of the proprietary tracking solution ImpactTag, that Wigify now sits on. ImpactTag is one of the most robust tracking solutions on the market.

Wigify is available in the Shopify App Store for the exclusive use of Shopify store owners. The app allows Shopify store owners to run an affiliate marketing programme from just $18.99 per month. Store owners have complete control over their relations with third parties who they can recruit to advertise their business on a performance basis.

Wigify is available in various packages depending on the features you require. The base package is called Wigify Go and offers a fantastic way to get started in affiliate marketing. As your programme grows and your needs change you may wish to move to our Pro or Enterprise packages.

Invite influencers, bloggers, content sites, price comparison and various media owners to be your affiliates and promote your Shopify store.

Key Features

  • Buy Advertising On A Revenue Share
  • Integrate In Minutes
  • Billed By Shopify
  • Manage Unlimited Affiliates
  • Unlimited Clicks
  • Unlimited Sales

$̶1̶8̶.̶9̶9̶ Per Month – Limited Time Offer 50% off – $9.50 Per Month

Wigify History

    • August 2009 – Launched on the Shopify Platform
    • September 2013 – Reached 1,000 installs via the Shopify App Store

    • December 2013 – Wigify acquired by Understand Digital Limited

    • August 2014 – Wigify migrated to the ImpactTag tracking solution owned by Understand Digital

    • June 2018 – Wigify Go launched to provide an entry level affiliate marketing solution for Shopify Store owners.

    Understand Digital & ImpactTag

    Understand Digital Limited was set-up in the UK in 2013 with a power analytics product called ImpactTag. ImpactTag is quickly able to analyse customer buying paths for retailers while providing a number of other services such as, Campaign Tracking Tag Management and Affiliate Marketing.

    ImpactTag looks after a variety of clients across the globe from household names to start-ups with traffic reaching 200 million clicks per month.